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Video Conference Features

Lesson 06

Learn all the functionality of breakout rooms, polling, presenter options and more. 

Exercise on Video Conference features




Make another user a presenter

Setup and publish a poll


Send players to breakout rooms for 5 minutes

Switch presenters 

Select a user on the left-hand side and select "make presenter" in the dropdown list. 

Kunjani presenter switch

Mute all users

Select the settings icon on the left side next to users - select ' mute all users' from the dropdown.

Kunjani Mute Players

Breakout rooms 

To create breakout rooms, click the settings icon on the left panel. Select breakout rooms from the dropdown. You can randomly assign or drop&drag participants. Set the time.  

Kunjani Breakout rooms

Create a Poll

Select the Actions '+' symbol and choose 'create a poll'. Customise your poll if you like. 

Kunjani Poling

External Video

To share an external video select the blue '+' icon and click share external video. Paste in your link and share.  

Kunjani Share external video
Kunjani Screen Share

Screen Share

Select the white screen icon to open screen share options. Select Entire Screen. Your screen will appear - Select the Screen then select share. You can switch between tabs should you wish to share a different screen . 

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