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Lesson 06

Student Overview

This is where we introduce students to BigBlueButton, we’ll show them how the tools work and how to take advantage of the BigBlueButton learning environment to meet and exceed their educational goals.

Instructor overview

This quick introduction will show you how BigBlueButton improves online learning by letting you easily create a more cohesive online classroom experience for students


Using polls is a great way to get student feedback or to verify your classroom’s understanding of the material. Anonymous polls are also included.

Using breakout rooms

BigBlueButton makes it easy to organize students into breakout rooms to spur collaboration while learning. As the educator, you can label breakout rooms, easily increase or decrease room time, and more. 

Layout manager

Whether you’re presenting or having a class discussion, BigBlueButton’s layout manager allows you to customize the classroom’s layout to focus on either speakers or content. The layout can be used for yourself, or you can push it to all students

Multi-user whiteboard

The Multi-user Whiteboard allows students to simultaneously draw and write, just like in the real classroom.

Game side-bar

To open and close the  Kunjani Game side-bar click on the "K' icon found on the top right side of the screen

gamified learning platform

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