Hi👋, I'm James

"I am frequently required to attend online meetings and training and my heart sinks every time. The sessions are boring - Zoom fatigue deluxe. I am fed up with the endless power points, So I mostly turn my camera off and go for a coffee".

Sarah, the facilitator here

"I'm required to do all my sessions online. I try to make it interesting,  but  talking to an audience that is mostly switched off, without any feedback, makes me feel like I may as well be talking to a blank wall.

I hate it."


Costs of disengagement


of employees are unengaged 


century skills not developed with lecture format


of facilitators rely on PowerPoint


In minutes, you can gamify your next meeting.

Before a meeting, Sarah can create her own Kunjani deck on a topic of her choice. She is inspired by the carefully crafted prompts. 

Alternatively, Sarah can browse the library for a suitable deck template to customise according to her needs.