Create or add a game to a Teams channel/chat

Lesson 05

Create a new game with your own content, images, and media. Ready to play in your next meeting. 

Exercise on channel or chat




Add a Kunjani Tab to a team channel

Create a game from scratch and save it to your private library with a loaded dice


Add a new Mystery question

Add a Kunjani tab to team channel

Channel or group members can collaborate on the design of a new or existing game by adding a Kunjani tab. Preview and edit each other's contributions in real-time. Use the chat to discuss.

Create a new game

Complete the form.

Decide if you would like the game to be saved in the public library or your private library

The loaded dice option allows you to control the order of questions within gameplay.

Use an existing game

Search either library for a game you would like to add. Decide if you would like the original or to edit a copy. Save. 


Preview edit and add questions to the game. 

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