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Add a deck to play in your meeting

Lesson 02a

Add an existing deck or create a deck to play in your meeting. Create a new meeting from your Microsoft Teams calendar or the Outlook calendar. 

gamified learning platform

Add the app

Navigate to the '+' Apps icon at the top and search for the Kunjani App to add directly inside the Teams meeting. Sign in with Microsoft if needed. 

Select a deck

Search for an exisiting deck from either library and save.

Add app pre-meeting

Locate the created meeting in your Teams calendar. Double click on it or right-click and select 'Edit' 

Join the meeting

Locate the meeting in your Teams calendar and Join. 

Add an app

Navigate to the '+' icon at the top and search for the Kunjani App to add.

Create a new Teams meeting

NB make sure to invite atleast 1 attendee, otherwise you will not be able to add apps to the meeting. 

Add the app

Search for and add Kunjani. 

Preview deck

Here you can preview your deck to edit or reorder activities. 

Share to stage

Share to center stage for a better game view. Participants will see the same display. 

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