Add a deck to play in your meeting

Lesson 02

Add an existing deck or create a deck to play in your meeting. The best option is to create a new meeting from Microsoft Outlook calendar. This will ensure that the Kunjani app works for you and your attendees. Ensure you set "Who can present" under meeting options to avoid players seeing answers. 

Exercise on adding a deck




Edit a meeting, add a tab and find Kunjani in apps

Search the public library for a deck


Set presentor to "Only Me'

Add the app

Navigate to the '+' icon at the top and search for the Kunjani App to add.

Search the library

Search a library to add an existing deck

Create a deck

Or create a new deck from scratch to add to your meeting. 

Learn more here on deck creation.

Preview deck

Here you can preview your deck to edit or reorder activities. 

Option 1


Teams calendar

Locate the created meeting in your Teams calendar. Double click on it or right-click and select 'Edit'

Option 2 


Add an app

Alternatively, join the meeting via outlook or Teams calendar. You can add the Kunjani App directly inside the Teams meeting.

+ New Meeting

in Outlook

Navigate to your Outlook calendar and add a New Meeting. Give it a Title, add attendees, toggle to a Teams meeting and send. 

Add the app

Once you've joined the meeting. Use the more action ellipses and select 'add an app", search for Kunjani and add it. Sign in with Microsoft if needed. 

Select a deck 

Search for an exisiting deck from either library and save. 

Side panel views

There is a different side panel view for the facilitator vs the attendees. The facilitator has the game controls. The attendees side panel is view only. 

Option 1

Who can present

Drop down the 'more actions" ellipses  and select meeting options. Set the presenter to "Only me" or specific people and save. This will ensure the attendees do not see the game controls side panel.  

Option 2

Who can present

Alternatively, you can also set the presenter from the Microsoft Teams calendar. Edit the event and click on meeting options.