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Add & edit activities

Lesson 07 

Create, edit, and reorder activities in a Teams channel/chat

Column View

Used for the random dice option, lists cards per Face. You can select a card to view it e.g "D2". You can edit or delete a card with the icons above.  You can add a new card by selecting the '+" icon under the relevant column.

List view 

Used for the loaded dice option. Drag & drop your questions to load the dice in your preffered order. You can preview a card by clicking on the question. 

Add or edit a card

Use the prompt dropdown to get inspiration for the activity. After selection, complete the activity and suggested response cards. Allocate an apporpriate preparation time for the players to work on their answer. Save & next. 

Add media

Optionally add images & videos to your activity and/or suggested response.

For video's use a youtube link or upload your own. Optionally adjust the start & end time of your youtube video. Save & exit.


Open the chat to share your thoughts as you collaborate in real time with your team.

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