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Game Creation

Lesson 08 

Create your own game from scratch with your own content.

Exercise on game creation 




Create a new game and save it to a library

Add a new Demonstrate 


Upload a picture to your Demonstrate card

gamified learning platform


Select "Create new game" from the Dashboard or from the hamburger menu.

New game

Complete the form with all the details.

Blank Template

You can now start adding activities to your game. One activity at a time. e.g +Mystery  

Add Activity

Use the prompt dropdown to get inspiration for the activity. After selection, complete the activity and suggested response cards. Allocate an appropriate preparation time for the players to work on their answers. Save & next. 

Add Media

Optionally add images & videos to your activity and/or suggested response.

For video's use a youtube link or upload your own. Optionally adjust the start & end time of your youtube video. Save & exit.

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