Microsoft Teams

Kunjani App for Microsoft Teams 

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Sign in with Microsoft 

  Single Sign-On: Kunjani users can sign in using their account with Microsoft credentials or sign in using a different account. 

New Users can sign up for an account.

Kunjani Personal app 

Users can access all their Kunjani resources from within the Teams app. This is where you can explore your public and private library. 

Adding a Kunjani game to a meeting

Create the meeting in your Outlook calendar to ensure the Kunjani App works for all attendees. To add the Kunjani app

 you have two options:

  1. Add Kunjani pre meeting in the Teams calendar

  2. Add Kunjani during the live meeting.​

Learn more here

Who can present


Adjust meeting options to edit "who can present"

Either select "Only Me" or select "Specific people".

This is a vital step to prevent attendees from seeing game answeres upfront.

Who can present 


In the more actions elipses drop down select 'meeting options'. Change the default 'who can present to "only me" or "specific people". 

If this is setup correctly, attendees will not be asked to sign into Kunjani. 

During a Meeting

Join the meeting! 

Open the App in the side panel by clicking the Kunjani icon. The Presenter can drag and drop attendees into the scoreboard to create teams.

Start the game by nominating a user to roll the dice when it's their turn to play. Learn more here

Collaboration in a Teams channel/chat

Channel or group members can collaborate on the design of a new or existing game by adding a Kunjani tab. Preview and edit each other's contributions in real-time. Use the chat to discuss.

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Get an overview of the JAMBED family.

Message Extension

Messaging Extensions allow users to quickly search & share an existing game from the library in channel/group chat.

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