Quick start guide

Step 1

New meeting

  • Create a new meeting from Microsoft Outlook

  • Invite your friends

  • Toggle Teams meeting

  • Join the meeting

Step 2

Who can present

  • More actions Meeting options > Who can present > Only me 

Step 3

Add an app

  • More actions > Add an app > Search Kunjani > Sign in with Microsoft > Use an existing deck > Search Public Library > Customer Care > Save

  • Click the start presenting button to put Kunjani centre stage for everyone. 

Step 4 


  • Add teams

  • Randomly assign attendees to teams

Step 5

Playing cycle

  • Nominate an attendee to roll by clicking on their name

  • Start the timer

  • The playing team must complete the activity on the card within the time

  • Reveal the suggested response

  • Discuss

  • Award points

  • Repeat the cycle