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Serious Play

A performance-enhancing add-on to upskill, onboard, and engage remote teams using blended learning games.

Accelerate learning

Participants are allocated to teams. The facilitator starts the game by nominating a participant to roll the dice.

Maximise engagement

Everyone likes to play. There are points, time limits, and interesting activities to fuel the fun.

Compliment existing functions

The Kunjani activities make use of and enhance: Chat, whiteboard, breakout rooms, polling, presentations, and video share. 

Live meeting experience

Sticky, fast & fun

Design a Kunjani Deck

Create, customise & collaborate

Cutting-edge learning science is embedded in the authoring tools wireframe.

Get inspired with our carefully crafted prompts

In minutes, you can gamify your next meeting.

Make learning stick

1000's of empowered employees

Trusted by 

In Partnership with Microsoft

Are you looking for an exciting way to interact with your Teams? Add a Kunjani game to your next Teams Meeting.

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make the most out of Kunjani.

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