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Layout Views

Lesson 07

Adapt your layout to suit your current activity. 

Exercise on Layout views




Focus on a User 

Open the menu bar and send a message


Minimise the whiteboard, hide the Kunjani game panel and hide the chat

Game side-bar

To open and close the  Kunjani Game side-bar click on the "K' icon found on the top right side of the screen

Focus on an Individual

Click on the users name in their video tile. Select focus to make their tile larger vs the rest

Kunjani focus

Minimise the Whiteboard

Select the minimise button on the top right corner of the Whiteboard to minimise. Select presenter icon bottom right to bring it back

Kunjani Minimise whiteboard

Menu Bar

Toggle the menu bar open and closed using person icon top left 

Kunjani Chat bar
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