Start new video meet

Lesson 03

Learn to start your first meet from logging in to inviting players to join 

Exercise on starting a meet




Start a new video meet and make sure your microphone and camera are working 

Quick start a game in the public library 


Invite friends to join your session

New video meet  

Dropdown the hamburger menu to 'Start New Video Meet'

Join audio

Select microphone to join audio

Allow access

For first-timers, give your browser permission to access your microphone

Echo Test

Confirm that your audio is working. Can you hear your echo? Select yes to proceed. 

Share webcam

If prompted, give your browser permission to access your camera. Select start sharing.

Select game

Search your public or private library for a game to 'Quick Start'

Share session

Invite players by clicking on the 'Share session' button. Send this copied link via email or chat


Play, upskill, onboard & have fun. Next up check out the 'Playing Cycle'

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