Create a new session 

Lesson 03

Learn how to create a session. You can start your created session immediately or save it for a future date. 


Exercise on create a new session



Create a new session with a game attached

Send the link to friends and start the session


Practice opening and closing the Kunjani side bar

Session Management

On the Dashboard select "Session Management"

Create a new session

Select create a new session

New Session 

Setup your session by giving it a name. Attach a chosen learning game and optionally add a co-host. Don't forget to save.

Share session

Locate your created session in the list and share the session "guest link with a video conference". Share this copied link by email or chat.

Dice Roll

The nominated player rolls the digital dice. Next up check out the 'playing cycle'

Start Session 

Start the session 'As host with video conference'

Kunjani Game 

Open and close the Kunjani game by clicking on the 'K" logo found top right of the screen


Allocate dice roll to a selected player by clicking on their name

Team Setup

As players arrive drag and drop them into teams

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