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Add a deck to play in a channel

Lesson 02b

Add an existing deck to play in a channel. This can be used in a  face-2-face environment. 

gamified learning platform

Play a deck

Choose "Play a deck". 

Existing deck

  1.  Use an existing deck

  2. Seach either library for the relevant deck

  3. Save


Channel members will be notified that Kunjani has been added in the chat. They can click on the link to join the game.


All channel members will automatically be added to the leaderboard lobby for you to pre-populate teams. Note- they are marked as offline.

Select Kunjani

Search and select Kunjani from the apps. 

Add an app

Navigate to the '+' icon at the top and search for the Kunjani App to add.

Add a tab

Click the "+" icon to add a tab.

Add the app

Search for and add Kunjani. 

Preview deck

Here you can preview your deck to edit or reorder activities. 

Share to stage

Share to center stage for a better game view. Participants will see the same display. 

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