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Kunjani launches learning and development solutions for Microsoft Teams meetings.

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

This partnership allows Microsoft users to access Kunjani features without having to leave Teams. Users can now quickly design a Kunjani game-deck to add to their next Teams meeting.

In the past year, there has been a massive shift in the way companies train, meet, and communicate. The transition has highlighted some issues for remote learning and development:

  • Employees are unengaged.

  • Lecture format does not develop 21st century skills.

  • There is no easy way to design and facilitate meaningful online experiences.

Microsoft Teams has been at the forefront of this transition and in collaboration with Kunjani are solving these pain points.

Lenore Zietsman CLO of said “Few meetings are specifically designed to engage participants using their preferred way of giving and receiving information. The wireframe in the Kunjani app, grounded in neuroscience, enables you to transform your own content or meeting agenda into a powerful, serious game, specifically designed to meet your objectives, while optimising the varied skills and learning preferences of your team”

Mutual customers can now onboard, up-skill and engage their remote teams using Kunjani games directly from within their preferred collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams. Single Sign On seamlessly connects Kunjani account to Teams.

Commenting on this integration, Tembi-Jean Topham Group HR Development Executive - The SPAR Group Ltd said “We are very excited about our Supervisor Development Program powered by Kunjani. Employees feel inspired. Store owners noticed phenomenal improvement. The fact that the Kunjani app is now on Microsoft Teams opens this program to our 1000+ stores in Southern Africa”​

In addition, Kunjani is now 3 clicks away from more than ½ million organisations looking to enhance their Microsoft Teams meetings.

Once users have added the Kunjani app to their Teams account they will be able to:

  • Add a Kunjani deck to play in their live meeting

  • Create learning decks from scratch

  • Search the public library for an existing deck

  • Preview, edit and collaborate on a deck

Daniel Canning, director of Microsoft Teams' Platform at Microsoft said "I am pleased with Kunjani’s unique utilisation of Microsoft Teams’ new meeting extensibility feature. They are one of the first partner apps focused on enhancing the live meeting and will help create livelier online meetings. Attendees are drawn into the gamified meeting and develop their core skills effortlessly'"

Teams users can experience Kunjani for free for a period of 30 days. Book a live demo with the Kunjani team here: Book a demo

Kunjani's integration within Teams will make your live meetings sticky, fast and fun.


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