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What does your online meeting look like?

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Meghan, a team leader in a large corporation, was sinking under immense stress, both professionally and personally.

She was responsible for ensuring her team received their required training.

She was responsible for meeting with them regularly to manage their performance.

She was responsible for the growth of her department.

But she had to do it online. And as everyone has painfully discovered, doing things online requires a different set of skills and tools. Dumping the usual training fare onto an online platform leads only to boredom and frustration.

Holding the required meetings and training online, simply wasn't helping her build the team dynamic and service level she was used to. Her team was not engaged - not mentally or emotionally.

Her response to this was to arrange more frequent meetings. But the reality was that her team logged in to meetings, however, mostly they were on their phones and doing other things - not present at all. Team performance reviews were dismal. Her line manager grumbled and Meghan was depressed, longing for the days when she and her team could connect, discuss, laugh, debate, and collaborate.

Then she found Kunjani in the Microsoft Teams app store and things changed.

The Kunjani app allows her to create meaningful engagement with her own content for meetings and staff training. There’s room for creativity, innovative thinking, and discussion in an engaging, light-hearted, safe environment - all within a structured Kunjani framework that ensures maximum engagement from people with different learning preferences.

“This is amazing", she said. “I can create challenging questions and have lively online discussions, all while competing and having fun! Adults like to play too. They like rolling a dice, earning points, and enjoy the anticipation of seeing what question will come up - what type of activity will be required.

“The Kunjani platform is designed in such a way that it is authentic learning at its best. Seriously, with Kunjani, being online doesn't mean a superficial engagement mentally or socially. And the best thing is - I can access it from within Teams. It has taken my team to a whole new level, COVID notwithstanding”

“I can use Kunjani during a meeting and even get my team to collaborate on a Kunjani game, to explore issues that are close to them. There are so many creative ways I can apply the app to the development of my team. I’m thrilled”


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