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Quick Fixes 

Take a look at common, yet simple issues users may face. Most problems can be solved with one click. 

Unsupported Browser 

Internet Explorer is not supported by Kunjani. Users need to close Internet Explorer and open the link in a supported browser: Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari. 

Video and Audio Quality poor

This is related to your internet/wifi connection. Perform a speed test to check your ping, download, and upload speeds. The lower the ping and the higher the upload and download speeds the better. Consult your internet service provider if needed.


Audio Is very noisy!

The first thing to check when your audio is noisy is whether you have the Kunjani link open twice. If so then close one tab. 

The next option is to check if you have two devices connected within the same space/room. Disconnect one or move to separate rooms.

Background Noise 

This is a simple fix. To minimise background noise use headphones with a built-in microphone (e.g the earphones received with your mobile phone). 

Kunjani game out of sync

While playing you realize certain cards are not showing up on your screen after a dice roll. To solve this simply refresh the internet browser. F5 button on keyboard or the "circle arrow icon" found top left side of the URL bar and re-enter the meet

Are you using a desktop computer? 

You need to check if your desktop computer has a built-in camera, microphone, and speakers. If it does not have, you will need to plug in a separate webcam and headset to be able to participate in the session. 

Have you turned up your volume on your computer? 

I can't hear anything? 

They can't hear me. 

Did you select listen only when entering the room? If so you need to:

1) Leave the audio.

2) Rejoin the audio

3) Select the microphone icon when prompted on re-entering. 

Camera not working!

Make sure your camera isn't being used for another application like Zoom or Microsoft teams. If so, exit that application and refresh the page.  

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