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Create a new session

Lesson 03

Learn how to create a session. You can start your created session immediately or save it for a future date. Sessions on the Kunjani web app can be played face to face (game only) or using our built-in BigBlueButton video conference.

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New session 

Setup your session by giving it a name. Attach a deck from either the public or private library and optionally add a co-host. Don't forget to save

Share session

Find your session in the list. Drop down the share options. Click on the relevant link to copy to your clipboard. Paste the link in an email or chat.

Create a new session

Select 'create a new session' 

Session management

On the dashboard select 'session management'

Face to face

 In a face to face environment, share the 'guest link with game only' to guests so that they can follow on their device. The host can also project this guest link using an incognito/private window. 


For remote sessions, share the 'guest link with video conference' to guests.

Side panel

 For remote sessions the Kunjani game can be found in the right side panel. Users can open and close the side panel using the Kunjani icon top right

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