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Dice Roll

Kick start the game by allocating a participant to roll the dice. Click on the dice icon next to their name. 

Rule set

Teams can remind themselves of the rules set by clicking on the relevant suit icon

Start timer

The playing team must respond to the activity within the allocated time


Once the time is up, you can reveal the suggested response and open for discussion


Asses the playing team by selecting a score and saving. The leaderboard will automatically update. Repeat the cycle


Attendees read the card and prepare their response within the allocated time.


Once the time is up or when ready. The Playing team presents their response to the group


The Presenter reveals the suggested response. The floor is open for discussion


The Presenter rewards points using the assessment rubric or manually adjusting the scores. Repeat the cycle

Playing Cycle

Lesson 04

Learn the playing cycle (the flow of the game) for a well prepared lesson

gamified learning platform

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