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Serious Play

Learn, engage, and grow faster with Kunjani—the AI-assisted gamified learning playground for dynamic team training on Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, and face-to-face

Emotions make learning stick

According to learning sciences reasearch


Increase in happiness


Decrease in neutral emotions


Increase in surprise


increase in talk time


It is so easy for users to start playing. Simply scan a QR code or click a link to join a WhatsApp chat with Kunjani. Learners do not need to download any additional apps, making the onboarding process seamless and user-friendly.


Users can respond to Kunjani activities with a text message, voice note, or photograph. This is no ordinary multiple-guess quiz; this flexible approach engages different parts of the brain and caters to various types of learners, allowing them to interact according to their preferences and enhancing whole-brain learning.

Immediate  Feedback

Within seconds, AI will score and analyze the user's response, compare it to a suggested response, and provide useful feedback on strengths and areas for improvement. This instant, tailored feedback helps learners understand their performance and guides them on how to enhance their skills effectively.

Real-Time Leaderboard

Scores are tallied on a running leaderboard, creating friendly social learning competition. This feature encourages participants to stay engaged and motivated, fostering a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

Explore the library

The Kunjani library is filled with plug & play decks across a range of categories. Customize one of these decks for yourself or create a new one from scratch for your private library.

In minutes, you can gamify your content.

Create your own Kunjani deck on a topic of your choice using activity prompts to guide you. In conjunction with the trained Kunjani AI GPT, you can create new decks in no time at all. This intuitive process enables you to quickly gamify your content, ensuring an engaging and interactive learning experience tailored to your specific needs.

Play Kunjani Live in a Microsoft Teams, F2F, or Hybrid Meeting

Attendees are split into teams, and a team member is randomly selected to roll the dice

 Roll the Dice

The various suits, backed by learning science, allow everyone to collaborate as their whole brain is stimulated throughout.

Dice lands on a Suit

The team must complete the activity before the time runs out

Complete the activity 

With a combination of facilitator, self, and peer assessment, the playing team earns points for their response on the running leaderboard.

Earn Points on the Leaderboard

Try for yourself

Scan to play 🤳🏽

Sample a Kunjani game on WhatsApp by scanning one of these QR codes or clicking the link in the description. The Kunjani library is filled with play & learn decks across a range of categories. Customize one of these decks for yourself or create a new one from scratch for your private library. Experience firsthand how easy and engaging micro-learning can be with Kunjani on WhatsApp.

Food Safety

Join Sally Monella's adventure in this 🔗Food Safety deck! Learn essential regulations, manage risks, handle food properly, prevent cross-contamination, tackle allergens, respond to foodborne illnesses, maintain a clean environment, and master food storage and temperature control.

Servant Leadership

Explore 🔗servant leadership with the “Empathy Over Ego” deck. Learn to prioritize empathy, foster collaboration, and turn failures into growth opportunities. Engage in activities that support team well-being and development. Enhance your leadership skills and drive positive change. Explore more to transform your approach.

Ideal Gas Laws

Explore the 🔗Ideal Gas Law with engaging activities for Grade 11 Science students. Understand Boyle’s, Charles’, and Gay-Lussac’s laws through diagrams, graphs, and equations. Enhance problem-solving skills with practical examples and real-life applications.”

Retail Sales 

This deck focuses on increasing the 🔗average basket size in retail sales. It provides strategies for upselling, cross-selling, and enhancing customer experience, aimed at customer-facing retail employees to boost sales revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

In your pocket

Seamlessly integrate AI assisted micro-learning into WhatsApp, a platform used daily by 3 billion people, allowing employees to play and learn anytime, anywhere at their convenience.

Why Choose Us

Kenneth Thomas

As a Pharmacy Manager, I saw a 19.7% increase in sales and a 19.6% increase in basket value with Transform360’s Sales and Customer Care Programme powered by Kunjani. Its gamified design fostered a strong customer-centric approach. This programme is a powerful investment in customer satisfaction and sales performance. Highly recommended for businesses seeking growth

Thandwa Motlohi

National Training Manager at BuildIt, says: 'Kunjani was the backbone of our 'Yes We Can' campaign that resonated widely and went viral. Since its launch, we've expanded with over 50 customized decks covering key areas like sales, cashier training, leadership, product knowledge, merchandising, and customer service. Kunjani has not only reduced our training costs but also dramatically increased engagement. It’s a no-brainer for us

Wilma De Klerk

Operations Executive at Steers: “Kunjani transformed our daily pre-shift meetings with the ‘Fire Up Chats’ campaign. Previously, less than 10% of our stores conducted these sessions. Thanks to Kunjani’s engaging tools, 96% now host daily meetings, boosting our brand performance and inspiring our sister brands. We’re excited to continue this momentum with our ‘Real Shisa’ culture training.

Tshegofatso Mowayo

As National Training Manager at Famous Brands, I’ve collaborated with the Kunjani team on multiple projects. Their platform consistently transforms training into an engaging, fun, and enriching experience. With the new WhatsApp decks, our learners can continue their education beyond the training day. Kunjani is the perfect solution—professional, detail-oriented, and always available for a chat.

1000's of empowered employees

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