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The Jolt is a short factual question. The playing team has to answer the JOLT quickly inside the allocated time. Once the time is up, it is open to the floor, where any team can answer. Continue until a satisfactory answer is given. Award up to 40 points for a quick, concise, and accurate answer.


Whoop Whoop! You have done something good that is automatically rewarded with 10 bonus points. Now your team must unpack all the benefits resulting from this positive belief, habit, knowledge, or skill. Depending on how well this is done, up to 30 additional points may be awarded.

Kunjani Advance game icon
Kunjani Mystery game icon


Expect the unexpected! The Mystery is designed to be a creative and fun task. Do not be surprised if your team is required to draw, sing, dance, or post a tweet. Award up to 40 points based on the level of creativity and insight and full team participation.


Oh No! You have made a mistake and immediately lose 50 points. Your team can redeem up to 40 points if you are able to unpack all the repercussions of this mistake.

Kunjani Blaps game icon
Kunjani Explain Game icon


The Explain requires the players to probe a matter further. The playing team's response may require an explanation, an opinion, a comparison or a suggestion. Award up to 40 points depending on the level of accuracy, insight, and team participation.


The Demonstrate is an instruction requiring players to perform an action or role play, as opposed to a discussion in the Explain. Award up to 40 points for full team participation, the ability to demonstrate the required level of skill and insight.

Kunjani Demonstrate game icon

JAMBED family

Lesson 02

Meet the original JAMBED family. Each character has been genetically modified to promote whole-brain learning. Upgrade your account to create your own suits with their own set of rules.

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