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Customise decks

New decks

  • From within the Library you can hit the 'new deck' button. 

  • Alternatively, you can collaborate on decks inside a Teams Channel, Chat or Meeting

Customise decks

Deck Setup Form 1:

  • Start fresh or get inspired? Decide if you want to create a brand-new deck or edit a copy of an existing one.

  • Give your deck a catchy name.

  • Describe what your deck's all about.

  • Jazz it up! Upload a thumbnail image.

  • Think about visibility: Save to the Private or Public Library?

  • Collaboration mode: Do you want others to have editing rights?

  • Once you're set, click 'Next' to continue.

Customise decks

Deck Setup Form (Continuation):

  • Pick your suits! Choose the ones you'd like to include in your deck.

  • Categorize for convenience: Which categories best describe your deck?

  • Sharing is caring: Select colleagues you'd like to share this deck with.

  • Click 'Next' to proceed.

Customise decks

Dice Preference:

  • Random Dice: Let fate decide! Activities will appear in a spontaneous order.

  • Loaded Dice: Want more control? Specify the exact sequence for the activities.

  • Once you've made your choice, click 'Save' to finalize your deck setup.

Customise decks

New activity

  • If you chose to start a new deck from scratch scratch you are presented with a blank template. Start populating it by adding new activities with the + button

Customise decks


  • Use the provided prompts that have been carefully curated per suit to inspire and fast-track your development.

Customise decks


  • Complete the activity

  • Add a suggested answer for guidance.

  • Adjust the time given for the activity, in seconds.

  • Click "Save and next" to proceed to the next step.

Customise decks

Add Media to the Activity

  • To make your activity more engaging, consider attaching media.

  • Upload an image or provide a link to a YouTube video.

  • Click "Save" to view a preview of your updated activity.

Customise decks

Adjusting Activity Order (For Loaded Dice)

  • Want a specific order for your activities? Simply drag and drop them into your desired sequence when using the loaded dice option.

Customise decks

Collaborating on a Kunjani Deck within Teams

  • Open a Teams Channel, Chat, or Meeting.

  • Add the Kunjani app as a Tab.

  • Choose to share either an "An editable/previewable version of a new or existing deck".

  • Collaborate in real-time and enjoy the collective brainpower!

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