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Play in a Teams meeting

Ready, Set, Meeting! 🎉:

  • Hop into a meeting or kickstart one yourself. Just a teeny reminder – you've got to be the star of the show (aka the meeting host) to sprinkle in some app magic.

  • Remember, Kunjani loves company! So, gather your squad - whether it's your pals, work buddies, or fellow knowledge-seekers. The more, the merrier! 🥳

Play in a Teams meeting

Add the Kunjani App:

  • Look for the 'Add an app' '+' button. (On smaller screens, it might be under the "more actions" dropdown.)

  • Click on it, and a dropdown with a search bar will appear.

  • Type in "Kunjani" and select it from the list.

Play in a Teams meeting

Choose a deck

  • Choose the deck you'd like to play from either the Public or Private library.

  • If this is your first time playing, give "Commercial Acumen: A bird's eye view🦅" from the Public Library a try.

  • Click "Save" to confirm your selection.

Play in a Teams meeting


  • Once you're all set, give the "start button" in the app side panel a cheeky click, and let's get the fun rolling!

Play in a Teams meeting

Mini tour

  • Heads up, team! Everyone's screens will light up with a popup carousel. It's like a mini tour guide to get you cozy with Kunjani and the deck you picked.

  • Navigate through this carousel by clicking "Next" to hop from one slide to the next.

  • Here's a sneak peek of what you'll find inside:

    • A brief about the deck you chose

    • The ABCs of how to play Kunjani

    • The cool rules for each suit

Play in a Teams meeting

Take the stage

  • Ready to put Kunjani in the spotlight? Click that small "Start presenting" ⬆️ button in the app side panel. Kunjani will then sashay its way to the centre stage presentation area for everyone to see.

  • A little patience, folks! It might take a few moments to get all dolled up. Once it's shining bright, you can tuck away the side panel.

    *Alternatively you can play in the app side panel but you will need to instruct everyone to open the app for themselves by clicking on the Kunjani icon

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