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Install Kunjani 

App store 

  • Search the app store for the Kunjani app.

Install Kunjani

Add Kunjani

  • Add the Kunjani app to start with a free account with limited features:

  • 3 editable private decks

  • Up to 10 attendees in a meeting

  • Buy a subscription to unlock additional features

Install Kunjani

Sign in/up with Microsoft

  • Single Sign-On: Kunjani users can sign in using their account with Microsoft credentials or sign in using a different account. New users can sign up for an account. 

Install Kunjani


  • Browse the library for decks to add to your next meeting

Install Kunjani

Pin Kunjani

  • Right (secondary) click on the Kunjani app icon pin it to your menu bar for future quick access

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