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Play in a Teams channel/chat

In-Person Kunjani Party! 🎉🤝

  • Ready to bring Kunjani to life in the same room with everyone? Great news! You can still harness the magic of Kunjani even in a face-to-face setting. Here's how:

  • Dive into your Teams Channel or Chat where all your party-goers (attendees) are already grooving together.

  • Click the "Add a tab +" button. 

Play in a Teams channel/chat

Setup 🎈🎉

  • Spot the Kunjani app in the menu tray? Click on it! If it's playing hard to get, use the search.

  • Not logged in yet? No worries! Just hit "Sign in with Microsoft" and you'll be in the groove in no time.

Play in a Teams channel/chat

Choose a deck

  • Choose the deck you'd like to play from either the Public or Private library.

  • If this is your first time playing, give "Commercial Acumen: A bird's eye view🦅" from the Public Library a try.

  • Click "Save" to confirm your selection.

Play in a Teams channel/chat

Heads Up, invite received! 🚀🎉

  • Hey everyone, we've got a Kunjani game set up in our Channel/Chat. Make sure to click on the provided link to jump straight into the Kunjani game tab. Let's get started!

Play in a Teams channel/chat

Starting the Game:

  • When you're ready, use the "Start" button located in the facilitator controls. Beyond this point, the gameplay remains consistent with the Teams meeting experience. Let's dive in!

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