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Playing instructions


  • Get ready for 'Jolt' 🌩️- the quick-fire, high-energy challenge! It's all about sharp thinking, swift responses 🏃‍♀️, and accurate answers ✔️. With the clock ticking ⏰, every second counts. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-charged🎢 learning experience that tests your recall skills and knowledge. Roll the dice and feel the 'Jolt'! which activates the hippocampus 🧠

Playing instructions


  • Whoop Whoop!🎉 You've nailed something great that instantly bags you bonus points. It's about acknowledging your shining achievements 🌟, and the benefits they bring. Be ready to unpack all the benefits sprouting from your positive actions. 🧠The Advance leverages the Response Expectancy Theory, turning positive expectations into behavioural change and desired outcomes

Playing instructions


  • Expect the unexpected! This is where learning meets creativity and fun 🎭. Do not be surprised if your team is required to draw, sing, dance, or post a tweet. Surprise everyone, and have a blast! 🧠Creativity activates the Medial Prefrontal Cortex

Playing instructions


  • Oh no! 🚨 ! You have made a mistake and immediately lose points. Each blunder here is a learning opportunity 😅. It's all about unpacking the blunders, exploring the negative consequences 🌪️, and turning them into lessons for the future so that your team can redeem some of the lost points. 🧠The Blaps depletes dopamine as a signal to the brain to avoid repeating it.

Playing instructions


  • This is where you probe, ponder, and piece together the bigger picture. From summarising main points 📝 to examining relationships 🕵️, your goal is to illuminate ideas 💡 and deepen understanding. 🧠These deep dives trigger the brain's frontal lobe.

Playing instructions


  • It's show time! Whether performing a task 🏋️‍♀️, role-playing a situation 🎭, or crafting a strategy 🧩, it's your stage to display your understanding in action. 🧠This creates a deeper cognitive link and stimulates our Mirror Neurons to fire

Playing Instructions


  • The Ninja "power" card can be kept and strategically played at any point in the game. If you land on this suit the playing team can roll again.

Playing instructions


  • I am here to tell stories and share any other information you might need to complete this deck

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